The Quest for the Leaping Bunny – 2017

At some point last year (though I cannot remember exactly when) I decided to try and switch from your standard cosmetic products to products which had the leaping bunny logo.

leaping bunny


I’ve always been an animal lover, and still cannot contain my excitement whenever I see any sort of creature (as long as it’s not too scary).

Although I’ve known for years that many household name products contain ingredients which have been tested on animals, it appeared that there was no way of discerning which companies do and don’t do this.  It’s the same with clothes – there are brands which obviously use sweatshops because the garments are of such poor quality, but there are other brands which are better quality, but shady about whether they use sweatshops or not.  I find this paralyzing and guilt-inducing, because I don’t have time to make my own clothes from scratch or concoct my own beauty products, but need to wear/use something to appear presentable in modern society.

However, from stumbling across two videos by Youtubers justkissmyfrog and Emma Blackery and subsequently discovering that brands I thought were ‘Cruelty-Free’ actually aren’t, I did some research and came across

I was relieved to discover that if a product has a Leaping Bunny Logo on it, it means that the product as a whole has not been tested on animals AND none of the ingredients in the product have been tested individually on animals.  When I use a leaping bunny product, I have peace of mind that animals aren’t suffering to make me look/smell nice.  If a brand states on the product that they don’t test on animals and don’t have this logo, it means that the whole product itself is not tested on animals, but unfortunately, the ingredients they use have been tested on animals.  Understandably, this isn’t reassuring.

Cruelty-Free Alternatives

So since discovering this, whenever I go out shopping, I never buy cosmetic products unless this logo is on the back.  As I was (and still technically am) a student this year, and needed to save the pennies, I focused on using up the products I already have, before purchasing more.  So there are a couple of products I am still finishing up which are not cruelty-free, but I have managed to find some really good products which do not cost the earth (literally and metaphorically).

Already used


Now I don’t wear loads of make-up, but about a year ago, I came across two great finds in my local TKMaxx.

Bellapierre’s Glowing Complexion Essentials Kit – – which was knocked down to £15

Alba Botanica’s Fast Fix for Undereye Circles Vanishing Concealer – – which was also reduced.

As I wear a light amount, these two products have been great, and it goes to show that it is worth looking in the beauty section of TKMaxx to find any reduced products.


I’ve been using these two Cruelty-Free toothpastes alternatively over the last month (having said goodbye to my beloved Colgate), and have actually been enjoying them.

Superdrug’s Pro Care Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste 

Jason’s Powersmile® Whitening Anti-Cavity Toothpaste


Still have about three moisturisers on the go which are definitely not Cruelty-Free, but bought Bulldog’s Protective Moisturiser (out of curiosity) and really like it.

I really love Superdrug’s Facial Wipes.  At the moment I’m using their ones for Sensitive Skin .  I also tried Sainsbury’s Aloe Vera Wipes , which do the job, as it were, but feel a bit harsher than Superdrug.

When I’ve remembered to use Night Cream, I also found Alba Botanica’s Even Advanced Night Cream in TK Maxx, and though it’s hard to tell whether its claims to reduce dark spots and discoloration  work, it smells lush and it feels truly hydrating.

Hair Products

I regularly use hair detangler after I wash my hair, and having used L’Oreal Kids Shampoo and a variety of other brands which are not Cruelty-Free all year, discovered this gem from Superdrug , which is amazing.

Have been using a lot of Shampoo and Conditioner by Sainsbury’s, including their Classic Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (for that extra clean feeling), Apple Shampoo and Conditioner, and Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner.  The apple and coconut flavour ones have just had a cheeky rebrand, and the fact that it is sold in large amounts for cheap is great if you’re on a budget (like me).

Having finally finished John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original 6 effects Serum after three years (definitely not Cruelty-Free) have appreciated Superdrug’s own hair serums: Hair Therapy Oil with Coconut and Hair Therapy Oil with Argan.  I prefer the Argan because the effects are more visible.


In TKMaxx a year ago, came across All Good Deodorant – Rose Geranium & Jasmine, which lasted for ages, smelt great and was a really good deodorant.  Unfortunately, it appears that the only way to buy it is online, but it’s worth investing!

Surprisingly, Sainsbury’s Basics Roll-on Deodorant, also worked really well, despite being very cheap.

Products to be used…

On my last Sainsbury’s trip, I discovered their new line called ‘My Hair Matters‘, which is Cruelty-Free and very affordable.  Once I’ve used up my current shampoo, I’m going to try their Nourish & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

I haven’t used Dry Shampoo in years, but am going camping for the first time in six years in a couple of weeks time, and know it would be handy to have some.  To my delight, I’ve discovered that Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Volume Boosting Dry Shampoo is also Cruelty-Free, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

In anticipation of finishing all my shower gel which is not Cruelty-Free (but one was given as a birthday present a while ago and still smells lovely), I’ve stocked up on Superdrug’s own Shower gels which smell amazing: Strawberry & Raspberry and Orange & Satsuma.  They remind me of the vegan but unfortunately not Cruelty-Free Original Source Shower Gels – it’s a shame they don’t have a lime flavoured one!

Deodorant-wise, have discovered Sainsbury’s have some more roll-on deodorants which are Cruelty-Free: Sensitive  and Cotton Mist (which appears to have been discontinued on the Sainsbury’s website).  Intrigued to see whether either of these live up to their claims!

I’m also looking forward to, once I have a bit more money, buying some hair products from the Whole Foods Market near me.  I feel particularly drawn to Avalon Organics.  I also want to invest in some good quality make-up, and going to have a bit of a browse here for some ideas.


As you can see, it’s not too difficult to switch to Cruelty-Free products, and often you don’t have to go out of your way to buy new products.

If you’ve come across any great products with a leaping-bunny on the back, please feel free to share them in the comments below 🙂