Head/Heart Knowledge – a poem

Ever feel like everything flies too fast
And you’re still frozen, locked in the past?
People my age getting married, engaged, together, all over the shop –
It’s great yet sometimes I want it all to stop Continue reading Head/Heart Knowledge – a poem


10 Kinds of Annoying People on the Tube


Hello Internet.  Sorry for the (totally unintentional) hiatus.  For most of last month I was spending each spare minute of the day job hunting and sleeping, and also officially moved churches at the start of June.  I now have a new job lined up for the end of August (praise the Lord), which is much closer to home and church, and the end of my current job is in sight.  So I’m back.

On Thursday there was a tube strike.  You may or may not have known that.  If you live in London, or anywhere near the capital, you would have known.

On an overcrowded Overground service at five o’clock in the afternoon, I scribbled the first version of this furiously into my notebook.  I was fed up, my throat was killing me and wanted to vent.   I planned to publish this as soon as I got home, but then caught myself.  Why should I publish it? Would it make things better?  Or is it just venomous and vindictive?  I decided to put it off until I was in a less angry state, and could evaluate the decision more rationally. Continue reading 10 Kinds of Annoying People on the Tube