How To Tell If You’re a Londoner

That video has nothing to do with the following signs. I just really like it.

Anyway. This is how you can tell whether you’re a Londoner.

1) People seem to walk really slowly.  Especially tourists.

2) You dread being asked for directions.  Especially by tourists.

3) You don’t wait for the green man before crossing the road.

4) Going to Greater London feels like going to the countryside.

5) Going to the countryside truly feels like a holiday.

6) You don’t give money to homeless people. You walk right past them.

7) You don’t look people in the eye on public transport.  Unless you know them.

8) You don’t talk to people on public transport.  Unless you know them.

9) If someone bumps into you, you say sorry.

10) You never talk to people in a public setting.  Unless you know them already, are properly introduced or it’s an emergency. If someone you don’t know tries to talk to you, you walk away. Fast.

11) If you’re walking home at night alone, you walk quickly.  With purpose and without looking at anyone.

12) You don’t see people from other regions of London more than once a year. Unless they’re family or very close friends

13) Losing your Oyster card is a PAIN IN THE NECK.

But hey, I love my city!


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