Ride of the Rohirrim

See, men, we ride to war…
Hark how Minas Tirith falls
And burns with Mordor’s ire!
We will not fear disfigured orcs and Uruk-hai,
With their cruel jabbing spears
And pointy bat-like ears;
Dusky shrieking beasts of the night,
Naz Ghul, scouting for doomed prey mid-flight;
Elephunts, their four tusks and thick flanks,
Carrying those tatooed men on their backs.
Hear their reverberating cries
As they career towards us,
Swaying their laden heads from side to side!

Fear not these foes, you horsemen of the West,
Men of Theoden and Eomer,
Who crushed Saruman’s onslaught at Helm’s Deep!

We defeat darkness ere the sun rises.
We bring dawn to smite the hopeless night.
For fallen Theodred, peace, an end to strife,
For Rohan, Frodo, Middle Earth’s Life!


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